Presentations for Associations

If your staff has too many new employees, it will be very hard to provide a great service experience your members desire

Someone is Going to Lead: Why Not You?

This presentation by author and talent management expert, Colene Rogers, SHRM-SCP, will meet leaders at any stage in their leadership development journey.  With a blend of leadership principles, storytelling and inspiring video, Colene shares the traits of great leaders.  Participants will walk away on a path to greater leadership development and motivated to put their new leadership tools to work. 

A Drama Free Life: Learn How to Communicate with Anyone.

As a former actress with 30 years on the stage, Colene learned a lot about dialogue and the power of words. Eventually she traded the drama of the theater for that of an HR Professional. In this presentation Colene shares simple communication principles to keep the drama out of the office and on the stage where it belongs.
Colene’s stories and videos will resonate with each attendee and give them the confidence that they can have successful conversations that resolve differences of opinion. She calls them Tough Talks.

Retention: Key Mindsets That Retain Top Talent

Colene Roger’s newest keynote presentation is based on her book, Retention: Key Mindsets That Retain Top Talent. With 20 years of HR experience, she understands that organizations are looking for solutions to find and keep their employees. In this session, Colene takes attendees on a journey through the life cycle that every employee goes through upon entering an organization and the factors that determine their ultimate decision to stay or leave.


Florida School Board Association
Celebration Baptist Church
Florida Sterling Council
Theta Tau Association
First Baptist Church of Tallahassee
Healthcare Underwriters
Chamber of Commerce

Client Testimonials

Weston Dudley
Conference Chair
Theta Tau Association

"Colene Rogers went above and beyond what we had expected. I have a high level of respect for her and would recommend her to any company, organization, or individual who desires to progress in their life and successes."

Randy Greene

"Colene is one of the best speakers we have ever had!

I highly recommend her!"

Miriam Watkins
Program Chair
Association for Health Underwriters

“Colene spoke at our Health Underwriters meeting. She is a well-rounded speaker who engages the audience. Her experience in HR and grooming leaders is a valuable source any organization. I highly recommend her for your presentations and consultations.”

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