Just as no two people look alike, no two people act alike.  We all deal with the anxieties of life differently. I started to learn this lesson years ago when I was leading a young mother’s bible study.  On one particular day we were wrapping up and I asked the group if all were willing to help prepare meals for a new mother who just returned home with her baby.  Everyone was glad to help except one mother who broke down crying and said, “I am at my wits’ end! I can’t do another thing!” At the time I thought what is the big deal?  No one was pressuring her and she could just say no. But there is always more going on than what we see at the surface. It could have been her own cry for help. She might be a person who hates to let others down but she felt she had no choice.  I later found out she was feeling the pressure of caring for twin infants while keeping her job as a flight attendant. I also had two young children but my part time job did not include travel.  

Like the young mom flight attendant, typically, we have anxiety that is based on our own unique circumstances.  But today we are experiencing a collective anxiety as we all deal with the many uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus.  As always, but especially now, we would do well to remember that what might seem like a small thing to us, might be overwhelming to others.

Seeking support for stress

Here is the link to a good article, High Anxiety in Uncertain Times, by the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM).  It might help you be more aware of what others might be experiencing right now. It might help you clarify your own experience and thoughts during these challenging times.

How can I help?  I am not a counselor but I am a certified Coach. I coach leaders everyday one-on- one. Coaching has helped me receive valuable insight into my strengths and how to grow as an individual and a professional. If I can help someone on your team, I can be reached at Colene@ColeneRogers.com  or through the contact page.